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Pudding is the New Generation of Coffee Shop that operates differently to any other traditional coffee place.

We have designed an attractive concept for parents with kids, students, young professional.

Our proposal is Eat+Play+Think: and all within a singular space that conveys passion for what we do and are.

Hours of operation:
From monday to saturday 9am to 10pm
Sundays 9am to 9pm
We are close on the 25 of decembre
We open the first day of each new year at 2pm


Pudding is very well know for its famous Carrot Cake, its Cheese Cake, including the bagels, brownies without forgetting our delicious seasonal quiches and salads all prepared with natural ingredients and bake in house.

We buy our ingredients directly from our local suppliers as we are strongly committed to our community.

We are always developing new dishes and introducing new seasonal ingredients.

So don’t hesitate, we would love to receive your ideas and recipes!





  • Our homemade salads are prepared every day! The taste is just amazing, sprinkled with crunchy ingredients without forgetting flavored dressing. We prepare our vegetables hand rolls. This procedure is essential to certify the quality of the product which is one of our top priority at Pudding. All our salads are served with bread with cheese.

    Authentic Caesar Salad

    Parmesan, grilled bacon, grilled chicken, mixed  salad, nuts dressed with casesar salad with bread and cheese.


    Tomato, grille peper, cilantro, falafel, feta cheese, sweet, onions, oregano served with yogurt dressing.

    Pudding Deluxe

    Carrot, couscous, dried grapes, toasted almonds, chickpeas, cilantro, lemon juice, cumin with slice of orange.


    Tuna, poached egg, green leaves salad, tomatoes cherry,  black olives, 

    Nova Scotia 

    Smoked salmon, fresh crispy salad, apple, fresh cheese, chives with honey & yogurt dressing.

    Southern Salad

    Chickpeas, cucumber, red onions en juliene, black olives, basil, peper, tomate cherries, dressed with olive oil, lemon juice and cumin.





  • Have breakfast on the go! Something for everyone to enjoy at anytime of the day. 

    Do you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?  A good breakfast provides the nutrients that children as well as parents need to start their day off right. 

    Studies show that children who eat a good breakfast do better in school than children who do not. 

    A great variety of fresh product to start the day off!  

    Bonjour Paris

    Hot/cold beverage, toasted bread with jam, butter or honey/croissant from Paris, fresh natural orange juice

    Cat in the hat

    Yogurt or milk with cereals& fruit, fresh natural orange juice.

    Santa Fé

    Hot beverage, mini sandwiches, fresh natural orange juice.




  • Our kitchen is a true gourmet laboratory! Our chefs are passionate with their work and throughout the day, they are creating amazing receipe with natural ingredients. All of our delicious cakes, cookies are handmade, including our famous chocolate brownie and the fabulous carrot cake that has such success! Do not miss it!




  • In Pudding we cook with natural and fresh products. We have a kitchen where our sandwiches are prepared with great care. You will never find an expiration date on our sandwiches, because we do not keep in overnight. We invite all our customers to relax and enjoy our selection of sandwiches.

    French morning

    French emmental cheese, prosciutto,, grilled red peper, green salad, grilled tomatoes, on wholegrain bread.


    Toasted bread with mustard, bacon, tomato, avocado, cheese, and green crispy salad


    Manchego Cheese, turkey, mayonnaise, tomato, green salad on two level.


    Goat cheese, grilled aubergine, parsley, dried grapes on bread with coffee and sugar.


    Chicken limon, with mustard, feta cheese, grilled almonds, onions and tomato on wholegrain bread.


    Artichoke, spinach, goat cheese, crème fraiche, layed on toasted bread

    Plain bagel

    Toasted bagel bread with cream cheese and natural fresh herbs


    Cream cheese with smoked salmon, fresh slices of tomatoes and red shaved crispy onions


    Fried eggs with bacon, Cheddar cheese, ketchup on warm bagel bread.


    Toasted bagel with goat cheese, grilled eggplant, fresh slice of tomato green leaves of salad on salsa de pesto




Pudding has put in place interesting activities that will keep your children entertained and stimulated while you can relax and enjoy our great selection of food and beverages.

Pudding has built:

  • A gigantic Blackboard:  ideal for kids to draw on, do homework, playing darts and leave messages to school friend.
  • The interactive toy experience: our tablets all built with selected and creative games
  • a colossal table to play with boarding games and puzzles, paper to do craft and book to share.

       And all for free, So come and play!


The interactive toy experience: Children think with their fingers and if they see something they jab at it. So Pudding thought about it!

At Pudding you will find our tablets all built with selected and creative software that you and your kids will find amazedly good. So come and play!

Board Games

Pudding provides games and activities to its customers to play and challenge their abilities. Games are made of wood and plastic and do not present any danger for your children. 

Please ask any of our Pudding member he will be pleased to advise you.

  • Mikado
  • Lego to build and build again
  • Parchis game to win
  • Chessboard to think
  • Lady game to win the battle
  • Goose game
  • Puzzle: game of life
  • Jigsaw for genius!
  • Jigsaw level 2: to  earn free cookies!
  • Card game: for all
  • Paper to draw and paint: to be inspired

Wi Fi

Did you know we provide free WiFi for our customers? 

Pudding will always be there for you, for who ever wants to share, study or work.

There is always place for all!


Pudding provides a wide selection of books orientated to Science, History, Literature that could give your child the pleasure to discover and learn more. We have books available in different languages, easy to read for youngest. Our selection is renewed every two months -

Adventures yourself and feed your imagination!




Welcome to our Birthday party!

Pudding organises original parties, focussed on kids from 2 to 13 years old.

We want to offer the best present for your son or daughter, organising activities that are creative, fun and full of challenges so that the children can have a really special and exciting celebration.

 To resolve the mysteries that are built around the party’s theme, the kids will have to use their wits and ingenuity. It is a memorable experience to share with friends.

 Don’t be left out! Call us on 936 761 025 or or send us a email at and we will send you all the needed information.


Birthday constitution:

Step 1. THEME. 

Decide which birthday story you would like to celebrate and invite your friends.  Remember that each of our stories has a mystery that you will have to unravel!


Prepare the guest list!  Once your child has its guest list ,send it to us with a drawing picture that our party team will insert on the invitation card.


Pudding welcomes its young guests to discover the backstage of the scenery. The Birthday Boy or Girl is invited to help prepare its birthday and be the first to welcome its guest It is full of surprises, fun and creative! 

Step 4. FOOD.  Our chef cooks with passion and enjoy preparing the birthday cake and menu according to the party's theme! It is all fun for all!

Check our menu for your party! 

The return of Dinosaurs
Indiana Jones
Alice in wonderland
Harry Potter
Sherlock Holmes


At Pudding you will find

  • Series of workshops that awaken the curiosity and interest in various themes related to Science, History or Literature.
  • National and  International magazines to enjoy. We offer a diversity of specialised magazines to read about History, Science, Politics and Literature.
  • Magazines for younger readers with fantastic stories as well!
  • Free internet access for our customers
  • Tablets available to use free for our customers

So come and enjoy your time with us!



We offer opportunities:

Participate to one of our singular workshop. You learn, play and it is all about having fun during the weekend.

Come to our kids club and create your own Project. you can send us your proposal and we help you to build it. It is all yours!. Everything will do is to bring a change.


Pudding is looking for its young news illustrators! We are challenging you to build a comic book and win a premium price.

You do not need to know how to draw, we will teach you. So if you like drawing, reading stories and wining prices, come every saturday and create your story.

Mind Storm

Have you ever dreamed building your own robots and impress your friends?

Pudding loves mechanics and we are inviting you to join our genius laboratory. We will show you how things works and take home your own invention!

Telling Story

Pudding does not forget the youngest.

We have build a space for the most youngest to the oldest kids filled with books, game that makes kids feeling like at home. We are organizing for our youngest members puppets story telling workshops where parents and their kids can share a memorable magical moment.

Kid's Club

Pudding kids’club is a package of great options that can benefit parents and children:Birthday parties:

  • We organize themed parties, original celebrations that combine creativity, fun and learning.
  • Child Care. We offer parents an innovative service accompanying children to school after they have had breakfast, and bringing them back to Pudding at the end of the schoolday where they can enjoy a nutritive and natural snack.
  • We make it easier for your working day fit in with your child’s schooltime.
  • Kid’s Films: we offer films that respect human values.

Just ask us!




Pudding is a whole package: the New Generation of Coffee Shops that breaks the rules of the traditional cafeteria and offers a new model of café that we believe can become an indispensable part of Family life. 

Pudding offers an intelligent, practical response to its customers of providing three different and complementary services in one single location that find a strong response through its customers.

The keys to our way of thinking are: Eat + Play + Think, an equation with a perfect balance that everyone could enjoy. 


Any doubts? Enquire Contact



Can't get to Pudding? We can deliver your handmade cake directly to your door, 7 days a week.
Book online through the reservation form! Plus delivery is free on all orders over €40!